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Are you NEW to Santa Barbara?

Have you been inspired to start a New Business? New Venture?

Are you starting to wonder where you are? where you're going?

It's CHECK IN time!  It's time to CONNECT with others who can help refresh your professional perspective and get you on the road again - with resources to support you in your journey.

CLICK HERE to start the conversation.  Looking forward to learning more about you and your business or vision.

Warmly, Your Business Advocate & Virtual Cheerleader!

~ Sandy Goe

CEO, Founder, Women's Community Business Network (WCBN)
Co-Founder, Business Hub Santa Barbara /
Santa Barbara Business Networks

Co-Founder, Executive Director,
Santa Barbara Business Expo (SBBE)

SAMPLE OF TESTIMONIES from participants of Ladies Only events (Women's Community Business Network, WCBN):

“What a treasure you and the ladies are,
and have been so instrumental in jump starting my business! 

Thank you for everything!  And may God continue to richly bless you!” 

Lisa Wilcox, Promotion Fitness

“I have been a member of the Women's Community Business Work for about two years now and have found it be one of my best sources of networking and referrals. The speakers are great and I always learn something useful for my business. I would highly recommend that you consider becoming a member of WCBN if you are a woman in Santa Barbara looking to expand your business network. Sandy Goe is such a heart-centered and caring facilitator of this group. She is also a masterful connector who loves putting the right people together! I encourage you to come and visit and see for yourself!” 

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★ Business Strategy ★ Speaker ★ Bestselling Author

"The women involved are actively pursuing connections and networking opportunities and are so supportive of each other!  I will continue my involvement with this group and look forward to the upcoming events!”

Monica Murrietta | Community Manager, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer,California Division | American Cancer Society, Inc.


“Sandy Goe is an amazing, talented woman who has taken entrepreneurship to a whole new level. She is connecting women together through her networking group as well as continuing to grow her own businesses. I highly recommend that if you are in the Santa Barbara, CA area, get involved with her group and stay connected with all that she is doing.” 

Bobbye Brooks
President/CEO, Media 4 Women Enterprises; COO, Cornerstone Managing Partners;  Co-Founder, Daily Disciples Ministries

“Sandy Goe has a gift of connecting people as well as encouraging others to think out of the box for the success of their business. She is an honest and caring woman but she is also driven.” “Sandy is a great person to know as she will remember who you are, what you do and cares to take the next step in helping you succeed. Her network group has the nicest people attending.” 

Tonilee Adamson
Business Owner, Speaker, Radio Host, Author, Co-Founder, Daily Disciples Ministries

*Events and Workshops previously hosted by WCBN will continue as a Business Hub event - simply tagged for Women Only

**WCBN members have been incorporated into the Business Hub Santa Barbara.  Online HUB website is:  

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